Our track record:

Fair Share Action combines strategic communications and grassroots action to influence the ballot box. Door by door, vote by vote, Fair Share Action is building an economy and a democracy that work for all of us.

Fair Share Action has played a vital role in independent field efforts by running one of the most sophisticated door-to-door electoral field operations over the last four election cycles.

Since 2008, the Fair Share network of organizations has run campaign offices in twelve states– from Colorado to Florida to New Hampshire — training organizers to knock on over 5 million doors and have face to face conversations with voters, encouraging them to get out to the polls for candidates that believe in a fair and sustainable economy.

To ensure our message reaches the maximum number of voters and penetrates the busy lives of people, we do outreach at the doorstep, often layering targeted mail, television and online communications on top of our targeted door program.

Below is a recap of some of our work that we are particularly proud of…

Colorado Victory 2022


For immediate release: Monday, November 21, 2022

Colorado Fair Share Action’s support helps candidates pull out election victories

DENVER — All three candidates who Colorado Fair Share Action backed for office in the 2022 election cycle have declared victory in their federal elections. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet won another term as Colorado’s senior senator in Washington. Meanwhile, State Sen. Brittany Pettersen and State Rep. Dr. Yadira Caraveo will represent the Centennial State’s 7th and new 8th Congressional Districts, respectively in the U.S. House of Representatives this coming January.

“All three candidates who Fair Share Action supported this election cycle have made it clear that they care about the issues — from front-of-mind public health concerns to our economy — that affect Coloradans and all Americans,” said Maureen Kirk, Colorado Fair Share Action’s treasurer.

Fair Share Action identified likely voters, educated them about Bennet, Pettersen and Caraveo, and “got out the vote” by knocking in person on more than 100,000 doors across the 7th and 8th districts and dialing 500,000 phone calls to those same voters.

“Coloradans who voted for the candidates supported by Fair Share Action sent a clear message,” said Kirk. “They want a country where everyone gets their fair share, does their fair share, pays their fair share, and where everyone plays by the same rules.”

Fair Share Action stands for an America where everyone gets their fair share, does their fair share, and pays their fair share; and where everyone plays by the same rules.

Paid for by Fair Share Action and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.  Contact us at: FairShareAction.org

Georgia Victory 2021

Fair Share Action ran an extensive voter contact program in partnership with America Votes Georgia, encouraging Georgians to vote safely from home by requesting mail ballots and returning them promptly in support of Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Fair Share Action’s telephone organizers contacted tens of thousands voters through Election Day. We are so proud to have been a part of this historic, victorious coalition.

Colorado Victory 2020

Colorado Fair Share Action conducted an extensive persuasion and GOTV program to identify and turnout voters for President-elect Joe Biden & Vice President-elect Kamala Harris for President & Vice President,  John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate, and Rep. Jason Crow and Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress.

In the era of COVID, our paid staff and volunteers reached out to educate and turnout voters over the phone and the internet, and did so more than 5 million times between March and November of this year.As a result of this hard work, 18 of the 21 candidates we supported in Colorado won their races. 

Colorado Fair Share Action supported the following candidates for the Colorado State Legislature:

Tony Exum (HD17)* — Mary Parker (HD22) — Lisa Cutter (HD25)* — Brianna Titone (HD27)* — Lindsey Daugherty (HD29)* — Dafna Michelsen Jenet (HD30)* — Tom Sullivan (HD37)* — David Ortiz (HD38)* — Jennifer Mitkowski (HD43) — Daneya Esgar (HD46)* — Bri Buentello (HD47) — Barbara McLachlan (HD59)*  — Karl Hanlon (SD08) — Rachel Zenzinger (SD19)*– Paula Dickerson (SD25) — Jeff Bridges (SD26)* — Chris Kolker (SD27) *

*denotes a race won

Colorado Neighborhood Vote Project

Our goal was to mobilize 60,000 people who don’t always vote, letting each of them know that we need them to cast their ballots in the 2020 election. We focused on some of the closest races in the state, where the outcome made a difference in how Colorado and our country would tackle issues like COVID and our economy. The margins of victory in these races we so very small, so neighbors turning out neighbors who might not otherwise voted made all of the difference. Neighborhood Vote Project’s utilized online events and phone banks to turnout voters across Colorado.

Pennsylvania Victory Program

Fair Share Action made personalized phone calls to identify and turn out voters in 21 state legislative districts for both Biden-Harris and our endorsed legislative candidates. Fair Share Action made over 1.3 million calls in support of the state legislative candidates listed here:

HD53- Steve Malagari*
HD114- Bridget Kosierowski*
HD119- Gerald Mullery*
HD120- Joanna Bryn Smith
HD168- Deb Ciamacca
HD162- David Delloso*
HD3- Ryan Bizzarro*
HD9- Chris Sainato*
HD10- Kolbe Cole
HD39- Sara Summer Oliphant
HD41- Michele Wherley
HD50- Pam Snyder*
HD55- Joe Petrarca
HD72- Frank Burns*
HD88- Tara Shakespeare
HD97- Dana Hamp Gulik
HD104- Patty Smith
HD118- Mike Carroll*
HD189- Adam Rodriguez
SD45- Jim Brewster*
SD37- Pam Iovino

*denotes a race won

Florida Vote By Mail 2020

Fair Share Action conducted a Florida calling campaign in August and September of 2020 in partnership with Florida America Votes, assisting Florida voters to be able to vote safely from home during a pandemic by submitting a vote by mail application. Fair Share Action’s telephone organizers called a list of over 400,000 registered Florida voters who had just received a letter in the mail containing an application to vote by mail. The Fair Share Action team spoke to voters about the process for submitting their absentee ballot applications and encouraged them to do so if they preferred to vote in this way.  In total the project reached 35,724 Florida voters with this message.

American Bridge

Fair Share Action made a $400,000 contribution to American Bridge 21st Century (AB PAC)  to support their work to take back the Senate and remove Donald Trump from the White House.

The Lincoln Project

Fair Share Action contributed $105,000 to The Lincoln Project, a group of career Republican operatives whose ubiquitous  media campaign is “dedicated to the defeat of Donald Trump and Trumpism.” Our contribution is partly in support of their efforts to defeat Lindsay Graham in South Carolina.

Fair Share Action also supporting the efforts of allied groups that worked on key U.S. Senate races:


Fair Share Action contributed $50,000 to BlackPAC, working to turnout Black voters.


Fair Share Action contributed $25,000 to VoteVetsPAC, working to turn voters out for Barbara Bollier.

Women’s Vote

Fair Share Action contributed $50,000 to Women’s Vote to their efforts to elect Sarah Gideon.

Colorado Victory 2018 News Release:

11/7/18 Fair Share Action sparks big election victories in Colorado.

Case Study : Fair Share Action’s 2016 Colorado and Florida Ground Games in Action

In 2016, Fair Share Action and its partner organization invested more than $8,000,000 on election programs. In Colorado alone, Fair Share Action’s field operation knocked on nearly 700,000 doors, educating and turning out voters in support of Hillary Clinton, Senator Michael Bennet, and a multitude of candidates running for state legislature. Colorado’s electoral votes went unanimously for Hillary Clinton.

Our teams also worked to turnout voters in Central Florida, working with partner organizations to knock on over 120,000 doors in the Tampa area.

Case Study: Fair Share Action’s 2014 Colorado Ground Game in Action

In 2014, Fair Share Action ran the largest independent field operation in Colorado – knocking on nearly 1 million doors from August to Election Day and sending out over 2,000 canvass shifts in the last four days. Our efforts helped turn out the voters needed to re-elect Gov. John Hickenlooper; and increased turnout in critical state legislative races needed to keep a Democratic majority in the State House. We focused our field efforts in 11 out of Colorado’s 14 most populous counties. Defying the national trend, in these counties, turnout among eligible Colorado voters increased by 4% in 2014 as compared to turnout of eligible 2010 voters (the last competitive Senate election in Colorado outside of a presidential year).