2018 UPDATES from the field

Fair Share Action is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in the only way it knows how: striving to hit a new and ambitious goal of knocking on over 600,000 doors across Colorado and Florida before Election Day in support of candidates who will stand up for a fair economy and a stronger democracy.

We know that it’s hard to believe that ten years ago we were all on the precipice of electing then-Senator Obama to the presidency amidst a melting economy. Sadly, it goes without saying that so much of what we have achieved since is again fragile, whether we are looking at the continued rollbacks of our consumer protections, the short-sightedness of our nation’s new tax policy, the repeal of net neutrality, or the shrinking of our public lands.

Nevertheless, we are more inspired than ever. The memories from ten years ago, coupled with collective sound of the five million doors we have knocked on across 16 states since then, will keep us moving until polls close on November 6th. Our field teams are right now holding critical conversations with voters at their doorsteps about the future of Florida, Colorado, and our nation as a whole.

Know that we just celebrated our 455,000 knock of the cycle this past Saturday afternoon.

With seven field offices now up and running in Greeley, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Grand Junction, and Denver, we trust our work will make all the difference in critical gubernatorial and state legislative contests.

Just this past week, too, we were excited to announce that Fair Share Action launched an additional voter contact office in Pinellas County, Florida, where our canvassing teams will be hitting the doors in support of Senator Bill Nelson, Andrew Gillum for Governor, and Lindsay Cross for State Senate District 24. We have a goal of hitting 20,000 doors before Election Day in this critical swing area of the state.