Fair Share Action Endorses Hillary

Fair Share Action has endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton for President in the 2016 general election, citing her life-long career combining idealism and public service with a pragmatic, results-oriented approach to solving social problems. In endorsing Clinton, we’ve cite her commitment to children, women, consumer protection, action on climate change, public health, and opportunity for all. Previously, Fair Share Action had endorsed Clinton during the primary in June of 2015. 
We believe that Hillary Clinton will work pragmatically for real results that make a difference in people’s lives. Hillary Clinton is experienced, qualified, focused on results and on finding common ground to actually accomplish things. Secretary Clinton has a long track record of leadership as a champion for good causes when the time is right, particularly on behalf of women and children.

And we have real problems to address in this country. As our economy has shifted, too many have been left in the dust. We need a new way of approaching the economy that works for the American people. It is irrational and dangerous to attempt to move America backward to some idealized earlier age. We need a clear-thinking leader to move us forward, who can ensure that the new economy honors the dignity of the American people and provides for our economic security.

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