Fair Share Action up to 7 offices in Colorado

Fair Share Action is now running 7 offices in Colorado – in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora, Ft. Collins and Grand Junction.

Clearly there is a lot on the line on Nov. 8. That’s why we’re increasing our door-to-door field efforts to reach voters in support Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate.

Together, we can send a clear message this election about the country we want our children to grow up in. We’re working to educate and mobilize people who share our values.

Fair Share Action opens 3 new offices in Colorado

Fair Share Action has opened offices in Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder.

These offices will be grassroots outreach offices, and will send organizers door to door in those communities in support of Hillary Clinton for President and Michael Bennet for Senate.

Door by door, vote by vote, Fair Share Action is building an economy and a democracy that work for all of us.

Denver Post: Activists target Colorado in “ground game” fight

WASHINGTON — Mary Rafferty got married in June, but she’s delaying her honeymoon until after Election Day for a not-so-tropical getaway: an air bed in Denver that lets her knock on doors in support of Democrat Mark Udall and his re-election campaign.

Walking a similar beat is Rudy Zitti, a former Long Island police officer who’s making the rounds for the conservative group Americans for Prosperity and its goal of limited government.

The two activists are among the hundreds of political foot soldiers expected to flood Colorado neighborhoods ahead of the Nov. 4 election.

While invasions of this kind are nothing new, several factors are converging on Colorado this year that could make the state home to the fiercest “ground war” in the country.